Finally got Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Finally. Finally I made to probably the only local store, that is still (or once again) having “Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time” for the Nintendo DS, and I can tell you one thing: Waiting for 3 weeks to get my hands on a game that had been released like 2 months ago totally sucks. I even started playing AC!D through for the 2nd time and continued SSX On Tour just to not feel the waiting too much … and I can’t stand the mountain of SOT anymore.

Anyway, today was the big day. After a 5 hour course on the university right into the store. 40EUR was a little bit higher than I’d have paid online, but at least the starving is over.

If you haven’t played “Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga” but only “Paper Mario 2” you will notice, that this game has an even lighter story than the Paper Mario series, but you will meet some people who only had guest appearances in previous games like Prof. Gidd (or Gadd in the English version of the game) who game Luigi the vacuum cleaner in “Luigi’s Mansion” for the Nintendo Gamecube.

Back to the comparison with “Paper Mario 2” and to the point I like the most about “Partners in Time” so far: The use of the 2 displays in combination with how you trigger each characters actions. First of all: Every character ((Baby-) Mario and Luigi) gets his own button. For example if you want Mario (adult) to jump, you hit A, while X will let his baby edition jump. Normally the old versions carry the babies on their backs, but you can also let them hop from your back onto higher grounds which results in the babies occupying the top screen where the for example control a platform on which Mario and Luigi are standing. This works quite well after the first few minutes in which at least I always hit the wrong buttons and wondered, why nothing was happening ;)

Ah, and one last thing for this post: There is also once again a living piece of equipment with you on this journey :)