Digg.com with new commenting system

Digg.com seems to have received yet another update. This time the commenting feature got a little face-lifting meaning you know longer have to enter a CAPTCHA-like code with every comment and you get 175 seconds after posting a comment to editing it. You can now also block the comments of specific users and vote on each comment. The whole voting thing also comes with a filter you can specify helping you getting rid of comments that fall under a certain threshold. The default is: You see everything that got a level of 0 and higher. And yes, this also more or less already indicates this: You can down-vote comments ;) Looks like a really solid update.

Actually it’s solid enough that Newsvine is already thinking about adopting it, a post that initiated a quite intersting discussion about basically people think commenting-systems (and esp. the one on newsvine.com) should work to keep the comments section free from junk while basically still not opening it up to abuse in the other direction. For now I personally don’t see the need to change all that much on the commenting system but it’s definitely a good idea to think about the future considering how fast digg.com went from unknown to the 2nd /.

Whatever newsvine will do with their commenting system, it will probably be quite interesting considering their “vote-up-only” policy and how you can keep with that and still offer some useful filtering ;)