Searching for combined tags in ma.gnolia

If you’ve used you probably know that you can search for example for items that have tag “a” and tag “b” by simply combining them with a “+”. For example would give you a listing of all items that I’ve tagged with both tags.

I’ve now searched the documentation on ma.gnolia for some information on a similiar feature and couldn’t find anything. Linking the tags with “+” doesn’t work, so what now? Well, considering that you enter the tags when adding a new bookmark by concaternating multiple tags with “,” it was my next try. And voilß , “,” does the job :) So to stay with the example above,,webdesign should give you the same result as the link above :)

On a sidenote: In my opinion it would be cool, to expand this idea and add “;” as junktor to symbolize and OR and perhaps also other special characters to get XOR ("?") and WITHOUT ("").

Note: URL-encoding was omitted to keep the examples better readable :)