Blogtalk in Vienna this year

Thanks to Martin Pittenauer I now know that there will be a Blogtalk conference this year again. Well, this is nice, but the best part about it is: It’s in Vienna ;) So if the ߖBB or some people on my university don’t have any strange idea I might even get there this time. Considering that this takes place only 2 days after the EuroOSCON will have ended in Brussels it will be quite an intersting start into winter semester this time.

True, I’m not really all into the social part of social software, but more come from the software side of things (with this I don’t want to say, that I don’t like social software but simply that I study computer science and not psychology/sociology) I still think it might be interesting also or esp. for me to broaden my view of the world, having a look only slightly over the edge of the computer science world ;)

Not to forget that there will be some high-profile people over there including WordPress' Matt Mullenweg and Rod Smith from IBM.

Hmm…. since the whole even is sponsored by the bm:vit and bm:bwk (to sum it up: two government departments in Austria ;) ) perhaps there is a chance I could a student discount or something like that ;) Now there is just basically one question left: Should I get home from Brussel or simply take only half the flight back and stay Vienna?!