Nokia770 gets update no one knows what is in there?

Today I heard thanks to Bill Beebe about a software update for the Nokia770. Since was curious about this gadget since its announcement and know it a little bit from the office I wanted to find out, what has been changed in this release.

On the offical release page there was nothing more than this piece of information:

Latest version: 5.2006.13-17 (April 18, 2006). This update includes small feature enhancements and corrections which provide improved performance.

Not really useful.

Then I found this post with a link to the announcement by the maemo-team which includes following line:

The version is 5.2006.13-7. Changelogs are not available.

team at

Uhm… and why exactly is there no changelog? I don’t want to critisize anyone, but this is just strange for an opensource project to not only provide a normal changelog between releases. But what disturbed me even more are the system requirements for the update as written on the Nokia page:

System Requirements

    <li>A compatible PC running
            <li>Microsoft Windows 2000 with Service Pack 3 or newer</li>
            <li>Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 1 or newer</li>
    <li>Nokia Connectivity Cable DKE-2 (USB) for connecting the Internet Tablet to your compatible PC</li>
    <li>A fully charged battery for your Internet Tablet</li>
<cite><a href=",8764,79636,00.html"></a></cite>

Could please someone explain to me why I need a Windows PC to flash a Linux device? Shouldn’t some procedure like the one for Linux and for MacOSX mentioned on , which is intended for developers who want to update to development releases, work too? Don’t know, but if it works, then it is just really a bad move by Nokia to not tell people about it.

Still, I’m still very intersted in the whole Maemo and Nokia770 thingy, but I think I will wait until I have enough money to get yet another gadget *g* and then hopefully Maemo and Nokia will have improved their information policy a little bit.