Trying PSP Firmware 2.70: Flash

This is also work-related so I think I will post this one here as well as on

As I’ve written before on Sony quietly released version 2.70 of their PSP firmware and to be honest: I have a feeling why there was no big announcement. At work we are currently experimenting with Flash on handheld devices so I … first things first: Installing was a pain thanks to the slow Sony servers. It took about 10 minutes to download 19MB (on a normally very fast line ;)). Then came the installation itself and naturally my PSP was only half-way charged. So I had to wait until it was fully charged to get to the actual setup.

After the installation of the firmware I went on a site to try a small Flash movie. Hmm… stupid browser, why do you still want to download it? After looking through the browser options a little bit I found out, that Flash is not enabled in the browser per se, and trying to activate it prompts a message telling you to go into the main system preferences dialog and “activate” Flash there. So I went there and hit the “Activate Flash” button. Guess what, it required an internet connection to active. Same for the WMA activation.

Then I tried to open a 320x240 Flash movie with IIRC 1MBits/s and was greated with an error message telling me, that the PSP has insufficient memory for this (photo comes tomorrow when I’m back at work).

All together the Flash integration is in my opinion just a big disappointment.