Blogging on

Seems like blogging is getting more an more popular with gaming sites. No, I don’t mean sites like Kotaku which are basically gaming blogs, but I mean the more traditional places for gamers on the web like GameSpot and 1up.

Now the (I think British) US site GotNext got it next. The difference to the implementations on 1up and Gamespot is, that GotNext is using WordPress which naturally comes with features like RSS that for example the blogs on Gamespot are still lacking.

There are still at least 2 problems:

  • It seems like each blogger gets her own category, so when you view for example Chris Scantleberry’s blog you’d expect to the the RSS/Atom feed for just this author. Nope. If you know WordPress, you could simply follow but a <link/> to it would be nicer :)

  • The menu on the right side lists all people who have a blog. I wonder what will happen, if let’s say all 584 members from the forum want to get a blog there ;)

Now I’m just waiting for services like with a focus on gamers that are not associated with big gaming sites and that offer users a complete weblog ;)