Gazerk: A search engine for game(r)s?

Yet another search engine just saw the light of the web for the first time: Gazerk; a search engine for gamers. Found it on Kotaku, tried it, and was quite disappointed.

Ok, perhaps I’ve just missed the point here, but a search engine for game(r)s should perhaps give me the Nintedo homepage for the Wii as the first result item when I search for the word “wii” ;) Actually, non of the hits on the first results page had anything to do with the new Nintendo console, nor had the “Games” or “Reviews” categories anything useful to offer, although at least in the “Reviews” section was … a game. Not a Wii game, but at least a game ;)

Thanks for the try ZiffDavis, but I will stick with my Video Games search on Rollyo.