It's sometimes still worth going shopping in RL

Hach, sometimes it’s still worth going shopping outside of the www. Yesterday I was browsing on to find some intersting DVDs and found this one. I liked “Dark Angel” but never had the time to really watch every episode. And 49.90EUR is in my opinion still acceptable for a whole season (@Paramount: 80EUR isn’t).

Today I went to a store here in town and guess what I saw: The same box … but for 19.90EUR :D

They also had Firefly for 49.90EUR (just like but the whole case held no information about what language tracks are included, so I skipped that for now until I find out more about this particular box-set. But if also the English track is included, it will be even cheaper to buy it in that store than on Amazon thanks to the tax difference between Germany and Austria ;)