Google launches PicasaWeb

Google yesterday launched PicasaWeb, basically a web frontend for Picasa. But are they really after Flickr? Well, judging from how you have to upload your photos there, I somehow doubt that. As far as I’ve seen on their website you have to use Picasa to upload photos, an application that is only available for Windows.

The other interesting thing is their pricing scheme: 250MB are free while for 25USD (per year) you get 6GB … of storage. They are not talking bandwidth here (like for example Flickr) but giving you an actual limit of how many photos you can have on your account. A small comparison here:

  • Flickr (free) offers you 30MB of upload bandwidth per month while the service only stores the resized versions of your photos. If you want more you can get 2GB of monthly upload bandwidth with storage for the original size photos for 24.95USD (per year).
  • 23 offers a 30-photos per month upload limit for free accounts and for 29EUR (per year) you can remove the upload limit altogether.

Hmm…. so who needs PicasaWeb? Probably only those people who where already using Picasa to begin with, otherwise for example for MacOSX there are some nice integrations for the Flickr-iPhoto combination. It’s also quite convenient to be able to upload photos without even having to install some specific software ;)

Note: I couldn’t really test Picasa since I don’t have Windows anywhere near my hardware … which is exactly my point anyway *g*

The only good thing I can see about PicasaWeb is their upload limit for the free account, but that’s it :-?