Small problem with Digg v3

Yesterday Digg v3 launched and the web is slowly but steady filling with

reviews. Since I don’t really want to contribute to this flood this

is not a review since I don’t spend enough time on to be really

qualified for doing this. I just noticed one thing that really annoys me:

Your session seems to store your latest action which … hard to explain, so

I’ll better simply give you an example:

I have digg open in two tabs. The first one is used for simple browsing while

I use the second one to do some searching. Let’s say I’m in the upcoming

section with the first tab. Now I find something that sounds like an old

story and go to the 2nd tab to search digg for similiar stories. When I now

want to continue browsing using the first tab, the whole output is filtered

the search terms I used in the 2nd tab.

IMO something like that should be better done with GET parameters and not using

the session :-? Reminds me somehow on how the Claroline folks did it :-(

But apart from this problem I like the update. It’s really nice that you can

now undigg stories ;)