Nintendo DS lite

Last monday I bought the new DSlite (in black) as a replacement for my not all that old Nintendo DS. I decided to do that primary because of the new screen which I hoped would make playing dark games like Metroid Prime: Hunters easier.

So here a small review after the first day with my new DS lite :)

  • Really great screen. Much brighter than the old one and also the contrast looks better now.
  • Good thing, that the status LEDs are now actually on a place where you can see them.
  • It still takes some time getting used to the new position of the stylus (now on the right) and also that it still takes some force to get it out of the DS.
  • Somehow the dpad feels different. Esp. the diagonal directions are quite hard but this might be just a problem between me and ACWW since I don’t have this problem for example with “New Super Mario Bros.”
  • Why had Nintendo to invent yet another power adaptor?!

To sum this up: I really like the new DS lite, but it’s definitely quite pricy esp. if you already have a “classic” DS. Is it worth it? For me personally yes, since I carry it always with me which means, that the new screen comes in quite handy. If you don’t have a DS yet, by all means get one. And by “one” I mean the new DS lite ;)

If you already have a DS, better first check it in the store or perhaps some friend of yours already has one and is crazy enough to give it to someone for testing.