Small update

Just in case you’re wondering why I had no really original content here for

the last couple of days, here now a small rundown of what I’m currently

working or wasting my sparetime on ;)

  • First of all: Next monday I have an exam I have to learn quite a lot for,

    so day-8hours.

  • I ordered some Charmed DVDs and now I’m watching them on a rate of about

    5-10 episodes per day ;)

  • Since I bought my DS lite I play quite a lot of DS again … ok, New Super

    Mario Bros. could also be the culprit too.

  • The Worldcup in Germany and I haven’t missed a single game yet :)

  • Drupal: I’m currently thinking about moving this weblog and actually my

    whole website over to Drupal for the plus of flexibility and the built-in

    revision system. Same goes for which will perhaps see yet

    another rewamp this summer (it’s not really visited by anyone thanks to

    the lack of content so I guess no one will care anyway *g*)

  • After the exam on Monday I will probably take the next bus to the local

    Saturn and get myself a DSLR. I’m not sure yet, which one to pick though:

    • Canon EOS 350D

    • Nikon D50

    The advantage of the Canon IMO is its higher resolution (since I plan to

    use the photos for basically everything the additional 2MP could be quite

    handy) and its size (way smaller than the Nikon). The bundle Saturn has for

    it is also quite nice: 699EUR incl. a 1GB CFcard and the usual 18-55mm


    The Nikon on the other hand is available for only 599EUR but

    without a 1GB SDcard so it would actually be only about 60EUR cheaper.

    But from what I’ve read it should be slightly better than the Canon

    noise-wise in the dark :S I guess I will just keep the fight in my head

    going for yet another 2 days ;)