Updates 2006.07.15

  • The work on my move from WordPress to Drupal is proceeding quite well. I think I have now most of the modules I need to first of all more or less clone the current zerokspot with Drupal. The convertor already imports users, posts and comments. Next on my list are trackbacks/pingbacks and custom fields that will be imported as custom node types.

The next step will perhaps be a new layout, but first things first ;)

  • Today (or actually somewhen last week) I also switched from NewsFire to NetNewsWire as my feed reader. NNW is simply much closer to what I need than NewsFire (this doesn’t mean, that NF is bad or something). Let’s see if I will use NNW longer than NF ;)

  • In case you haven’t noticed it yet by looking at some of my recent photos, I bought a new camera and this time it’s something more real ;) The Nikon D50, my very first SLR. I bought it without any additional lenses (except the one bundled with it in the Kit) since I currently first want to check SLR’ing out and see if it would fascinate me enough to invest another few hundred EUROs into some nice lenses.

  • Another move (just as a note, since it’s not really intersting or important): I will probably soon cancel my GameSpot All Access subscription and subscribe to IGN insider instead. Why?

    • IGN insider is considerable cheaper than GameSpot All Access

    • The difference of GSAA (GameSpot All Access) and GSP (GameSpot plus) is IMO only relevant when you live in the US

    • IGN has more “special articles” than GS

    But I guess the main reason for me was, that I started visiting IGN more often than GS.