Say "Hello" to the neighbours again

I guess there is no price for the uglies Drupal module out there, right? Otherwise I think my little zk_blockroll module that provides the “Neighbours” listing down to your left would probably have a quite good chance of winning it. The module is really a mess. It consists of 3 files:

  • One for the actual Drupal module that renders the links the block
  • One for fetching the links from written in Ruby and
  • … one that stores these fetched links

Let’s see how long I can live with this. It’s just a temporary solution since I wasn’t really motived to write something using Drupal’s cron tools and put the output into the database, but I guess, I will do just that in a few days when I have more motivation :) For now it works and that’s all that matters to me right now.

After looking at some of my posts on my former booksblog I’m no long really sure, if it’s actually worth porting them, since some of them really just introduce the blog and post some ideas. Well, perhaps I will just add a note, stating that these posts were ported from a different blog :)

So I guess, this is what I’ll do next.