Technorati turns 3 and gets updated

How long did the last theme hold? Doesn’t matter, Technorati now has a new look and also in most areas a new feel. This might also be thanks to some speed improvements. Celebrating the birthday of a project with a major update is always a good thing and I want to congratulate Dave Sifry and the team over there to Technorati. Without it, the blogosphere would be more less connected ;)

One of the last problems I still have with Technorati is, that somehow my blog is not correctly indexed and the pinging was not reliable during the last couple of days. For example one of my recent posts Say “Hello” to neighbours again is still on indexed although according to Technorati my site was updated 15hours ago.

The other one is the strange link-stats I have. According to the blog overview I have 59 links from 35 sites while when actually checking them there are only 10 links left ;) Is there perhaps a problem with the determination what belongs to a site and what not? Perhaps the higher number is a combination of and ( is now a redirect to In any case: I want to see my 59 links please :)