Vox's Question of the day

I think last Wednesday while being on a train to Villach I listened to episode 28 of “Inside the Net” with Amber MacArthur were she and Leo Laporte interviewed Mena Trott of Six Apart. I think the main focus of the whole podcast was Six Apart’s new entry level service Vox which’s aim is to offer everyone a simple yet nice and powerful blogging platform.

During that interview, Mena or Amber mentioned the “Question of the day”. From what I’ve understood the team behind Vox everyday comes up with a question to all its members to somehow provide a reason to blog everyday. Actually a really nice idea which is in my opinion way better than the flood of memes that were flying around the last couple of months.

Today I thought again about that and was really tempted to simply use the “qotd” tagged and public posts on Vox and participate… and perhaps I’ll still do just that, but since zerokspot is more a technology blog, questions like “What was your favorite candy when you were a kid? How does that compare to now?” might not be the right topics for me (perhaps in another section or on Vox itself, though).

But now what about the blogs out there, who are quite focused on just a few topics (like I am)? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a site (like for example Technorati) offering for each “section” of the world a specific question each day to serve as some kind of entry or common ground of a “distributed” discussion? Why not simply do it over Vox? Well, because Vox is a hoster by itself while services like Technorati are for everyone in the blogosphere (at least in my opinion). Anybody motivated out there, to do something like that?

For those of you who simply want to join the Vox qotd discussion, they are all posted on http://questions.vox.com/.