First look at Field Commander

This Monday I once again was in that dangerous phase where you shouldn’t let me near online shops. But since no one was there to hold me back, I bought another game for the PSP: Field Commander. Field Commander was actually one of those games why I wasn’t all that upset when I got my PSP and noticed, that besides Wipeout Pure there weren’t any interesting games out there. But many, many months and at least 2 delays later, I nearly forgot that game until I saw articles about it all over the gaming sites like 1up and IGN.

So I ordered the game on Monday, got it on Tuesday and have being playing it since then. Field Commander has often been compared to the successful Advance Wars series on the GBA and the NintendoDS. Both are turn-based strategy games were you fight a far against an evil enemy. While Advance Wars still has that comic flair, though, Field Commander is much closer to the good old Command & Conquer series. It’s set in the near future were some kind of NATO-like organization is fighting a war against rebels. While this scenario is probably as old as strategy games themselves, it’s actually kind of refreshing after playing Advance Wars excessively. Simply because the dialogs at least so far by far don’t annoy as much in Field Commander. All the mission briefing and noticed are also spoken, so you can do something else while listening to them ;)

The missions are slightly different to what you get in AW and are perhaps a little bit closer to what Command & Conquer had. For example: I just finished a mission, where there is no enemy base, but there are 6 transport ships you have to destroy in order to complete this mission.

So far, I’ve really enjoyed the game, although it seems not to be as fast as AW. This is probably because, the game has some loading issues every few seconds were it has to load something from the UMD. This is really annoying, since you’re always disturbed while making a move, so you often have to check, if the move was really made or not.

After each mission, you also often get some new extras, like the units you’ve just got during the mission or some new map for the skirmish mode. But honestly, I prefer so far the AW way of simply collecting money and then buying what you want in the shop.

Well, these have been my impressions after the first day with Field Commander. So far I have to say, that the game is good, but if you don’t have Advance Wars: Dual Strike for the DS yet, get it, no matter what; even if you have to buy a DS first. IMO this duo is unbeatable :)