QotD: They're Grrreat!

Coca Cola's icebearAs you might have noticed by now: I like the idea of having a question of the day. But since the questions posted on Vox are normally not really tech-related, it is quite hard for me to use them without getting on your blacklist. So I will try to just pick those, that I can answer in a techy way :)

What or who is your favorite product mascot? Why? questions.vox.com

Well, this is a quite hard one since nowadays mascots seem not to be that “in” anymore. Anyway, here a short list of mascots I can at least remember:

On the non-tech side I remember following:

  • The ice-bear in the Coca Cola commercials in winter
  • The WWF Panda

I guess it’s a hard race between Hxley, Tux, Coca Cola’s bear and the panda… apropos panda: I love the PVPOnline panda ;)