Small things (2008-08-02)

First I wanted to write a quite lengthy article how I liked IGN’s podcast about the end of E3 and esp. Kathleen Sanders question about what will now get covered by “smaller sites” (compared to IGN, 1up, GameSpot).

225 words later I noticed, that I was talking rubbish and deleted that draft ;) So all you’ll get today is just another post containing smaller things I had on my mind.

Well, 2nd (as I already mentioned the IGN podcast) I want to mention my new Vox blog which I will use probably nearly exclusively for Vox’s Questions of the Day. I like it there so far, although it is, from a blog-tech standpoint a little bit minimalistic. There is RSS but there is no trackback/pingback/searchback/*back.

Today I was also once again in town for 3 things: (1) “Ridge Racer” for the PSP, (2) a new mouse and (3) “Perl in a Nutshell”. Well, I got none of them. Stores here are still selling Ridge Racer for the full price while it has been announced nearly a week ago, that this title is now part of Sony’s Platinum series. So until you accept that, Saturn and GameStop, you won’t see any money from me.

The mouse is a little bit different story. I currently have a Logitech DualOptical which I’m actually very happy with, but since quite some time now it starts to fall apart (seems to be really a long-term process) and I want to get something new. I’m just not really sure what. I would like to get for example Apple’s Mighty Mouse (doesn’t matter if wireless or wired) but the last time I tried it, I had some problems with that ball, that is used for the scrolling (in whatever direction). I guess I will simply have to try it again.

And last but not least, I simply couldn’t get “Perl in a Nutshell” in 2 of our bigger bookstores, so I gave up and ordered it with one of them. If I’m really lucky, I will get it tomorrow or on Monday.

I somehow get the impression, that shopping offline isn’t worth the time and air wasted during walking from store to store anymore …