PSP Platinum games in Klagenfurt

Getting one of these new Platinum PSP games (like Ridge Racer, Everybody’s Golf etc.) really seems to be more complicated that I first thought. For the last 2 weeks or so I went from store to store just to find the old full-priced copies. Not a single Platinum game for the PSP in sight.

Today I went to one of my favorite stores to look first of all for a new mouse but also checked their games. No Platinum games for the PSP their, either. Since I know some of their staff there, I went to ask them about that. After some searching we both discovered, that appearantly budget games are not ordered automatically, only the full-price games. Since none of the local stores have Platinum games by now, this seems to be a common practice.

I guess that’s it then for me buying games in local stores esp. since Gameware finally has Ridge Racer again :)