Gamespot and the way to unsubscribe ...

Today I received a mail vom Gamespot telling me, that my Total Access account will be renewed in one month (I had previously set my account to auto-renew every year). Since I was no longer interested into having this account I went looking for a way to unsubscribe which wasn’t all that complicated thanks to their quite nice FAQ. It’s actually a very simple process: Hit a link and confirm the procedure.

Then a message appears telling me, that I will be able to use all my Total Access privileges until the end of my original subscription-year. So far so nice, there are just two problems, though.

First there is no confirmation mail, something I would definitly expect when unsubscribing to anything. Every simple mailing list does that, so why does a 40USD service not send a simple mail?!

The other problem is with the procedure itself and how to access it. While I think it’s nice, that such a link is right on top of the FAQ, in my opinion it definitely belongs into the account preferences. It’s also not really a good idea to implement a confirmation button as a simple link. In this case it is behind an additional authentification request, but after the user passes this, every stupid precaching tool could already have triggered the confirmation button.

@Gamespot team: Just some ideas and thanks for the great time I had with your site for the last years. But perhaps you should think about adding really exclusive content when you want 40USD for your premium account ;-)