TWiT launches "MacBreak Weekly" now also has a Mac audio podcast probably as some kind of complementing part to the MacBreak video show. While I really like the video show, it was IMO lacking the amount of content you would normally expect when listening to a podcast by the TWIT crew. In MacBreak you always get one topic at a time for about 10 minutes per episode and most of the time with a guest. It is an absolutely nice show and everyone who has a Mac should at least know about its existance, but for my taste, the show is way too much designer-oriented. Sure, there are also the Automator episodes, but perhaps something different esp. from the developer side would be nice in my opinion ;-)

Anyway, now there is also a weekly audio podcast which this time is all about the WWDC, so Leopard is a big topic here as well as the new Mac Pro. And don’t forget Parallels and 51 minutes of content. Really nice :-)

There’s just one catch with that: The podcast is only available as AAC. Anyway: Great show :-)

And just because the gang was also talking about Could Apple please finally add Socks5 proxy support to it, pleeeaaase? :D