Writely send invitations and Google Analytics goes public

Seems like a big release day for Google. First they announced, that Google Analytics is now open to the public (so no invitation required anymore) and this morning I then receive a mail from Writely saying, that I can now finally get an account there :D Writely still seems to be invite only, but at least it appears that they are finally giving them out again ;-)

I guess I will now finally give Google Analytics a try and see how it hold up against Performancing Metrics. I still think it’s strange, though, that Google has set some limitations for the free Analytics accounts …

[...]the Service is provided without charge to You for up to 5 million pageviews per month per account [...] User Agreement

I doubt that I will get near that value in the forseeable future, but hey if anyone out there could live without using a policy like this, it would be Google, right?