Getting Starcraft for Mac ... Or dying trying

Sometimes I really wonder, if people actually want to sell their stuff. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to get my hands on a copy of Starcraft + Broodwar for MacOSX. First I went to and found both for 9.99USD each … Great, I thought, and went straight to their online shop just to find out, that they aren’t shipping to Austria. So I tried to get in contact with someone from Blizzard Europe to ask why shipping to Austria isn’t possible and basically help me with getting a copy. dieing

What did I get as response? That they can’t recommend me any shops that have it and that I should ask some of my friends if they’ve made any good experience shopping online … What? I somehow doubt who ever wrote that actually read my mail and so didn’t really notice that I was talking about their own online shop that is listed on the German Blizzard site.

Then I noticed, that has a bundle including both, Starcraft and Broodwar, for the Mac which looked extremely like a Vivendi bundle that I thought was only for Win32. So I now tried to contact someone from Vivendi Europe to tell me, if their 4 games bundle “Blizzard Pack” included hybrid disks. More or less equally successful: They told me, that this pack is no longer supported and that I should contact Blizzard. Whatever is so complicating in getting on of these packs, opening it up and looking at the requirements described on Starcraft cover.

I know this game is old but it’s still popular enough in my opinion, so I really don’t understand these two reactions. @Blizzard: Please fix your online store so that also people from Germany, Austria, etc. can order stuff again.