Lessons learnt yesterday

  1. If you pay lots of money for a gun in a game, better use it. For the last year or so I was avoiding finishing Ratchet & Clank for the PS2, because I always died in the last stage and got reset to somewhere right after the start. A few months before that happened for the first time, I played it quite a lot to get these 1.000.000 credits to get the super weapon in that game: The R.I.D.A. … just to never use it. Yesterday I used it for the first time, and finally finished the game. Hurrayyy. Next.
  2. Trust Apple to surprise you. Well. To make a long story short: I love the new Core2Duo iMacs ;-) The specs look really great and I can’t wait to get some money to get myself one of them for my birthday in 2 months ;)

  1. Trust Sony do the expected. Or who of you really believed all these statements that they wouldn’t do the same mistakes Microsoft did last year when launching their Xbox360? For the last year or two Sony became for me the most arrogant company out there. They always act, as if they own the market and nothing and no one could ever change that. Well, perhaps they forgot, that they are the market leader only for the 2nd generation although the first generation was a little bit split since back in the good old PS1 days, the 16bit SNES was still quite strong … Perhaps the people in Europe will finally give Sony what this company deserves after treating everyone here and in Australia like 3rd class customers (No, I haven’t forgotten the PSP delays either). At least for me it’s now quite clear: First of all I want a Wii, next comes the Xbox360 thanks to games like Mass Effects and Lost Planet.