BlogTalk trip: Day 3 - First day of the BT - Liveblogging pt.1

First day of the BT also means first night and first breakfast in the hotel. First of all, a small tip if you also plan to stay in the Hotel ETAP in Vienna and are only there by subway: U3 heading Simmering and get off the subway at the “Erdberg” station. Inside the station head towards the Franzosengraben exit and then take the Erdbergstraße exit. Then walk to the next crossroad, go right there and you will see the hotel on the other side of the street in about 200m.

Another note: It takes about 30 minutes from the hotel to the TechGate, so better plan with it ;)

I also just bought a T-Mobile 24h WiFi pass … just to note 10 minutes later, that there is a free WiFi access in the BlogTalk’s conference room. This also means one thing: Liveblogging *g*


So let’s start with a nice little photo :)



First speech about the significance of social software by Danah Boyd.

Beta just means, that it is not yet profitable.Danah Boyd
There was no usability. And OMG, there was no usability.Danah Boyd about the early days of MySpace ... or about its current state.

She also points out the different behaviour of social software compared to software that normally could be tested in a closed test environment (lab).

P.S.: I’d be really grateful, if Flickr wouldn’t decide to die right now. KTnx.



Very nice keynotes :)


Thanks Cloud for telling me about the correct tag for this con: “BlogTalkReloaded”.


The text session was by Adolfo Estallela introducing blogs and the infrastructure they provide. Compared to classic media, Blogs are described as not only textual or image content, but intended for interconnection.



Next one was Jan Schmidt approaching social software from the social side of life. He described such a system as a linkage between Rules (how to do it and in what format), Relations (social and technically) and Code (basically the technical side).


It was actually very interesting to see someone from the social side mention the technical side. Social implications in the code.


After that there was a small break for conversing with some posters hung up where everyone could postIt some questions, noted etc. about topics discussed so far.