My little BlogTalk round up of the 2nd day

If you haven’t read anything from me since Monday afternoon this is because I’m currently in some kind of recovery mode. On Saturday and Sunday I was playing probably way too much Starcraft with 2 friends of mine. I even dreamed about stupid Protoss searching for me and blasting my luggage if I wasn’t cautious … no, video games are not dangerous. They can just keep you from sleeping all night ;-)

Then on Monday came the BlogTalk Reloaded and the … let’s call it a mid-show party ;-) Too much beer and The hotel being on the other side of Vienna shortened the night once again. It was actually funny seeing people coming in late and still sleeping the next morning to the conf. But no critique here: I was on time but not really awake either ;-) I guess I will still try to write a small round up of the 2nd day of the BlogTalk:

The morning started with a presentation of Jajah, one of the sponsors. Quite interesting … if you’re intersted in phoning ;-)

Then came Elmine Wijnia and Ton Zijlstra’s “The IFCCC PatchworkPortal: the co-evolution of an emergent community and a social software platform” … the title sums it up quite well :-) Basically what they did, was combine different social software components (Wiki, Blogs etc.) into one portal system.

Then came the presentation of the SIOC browser done by Uldis Bojars, John G. Breslin and Alexandre Passant which I actually probably enjoyed the most of all presentation simply because it was more on the technical side :-) It definitely led to some heated discussions in the backchannel.

Then came probably my weakest phase of the day (except for the trainride home) where I didn’t get anything:

  • “The Pleasure of the Blog: The Early Novel, the Serial, and the Narrative Archive” by Kathleen Fitzpatrick
  • “Weblogs in Political Campaigns - The Critical Success Factors” by Roland Abold and Maren Heltsche

The first talk I didn’t get at all and the 2nd was for my taste way too much based on charts and numbers.

Aftwards came the CAcert certification session.

After the lunch break came Anne Bartlett-Bragg with her presentation about “Reflections on pedagogy: Understanding adult learners” which was among the most entertaining ones IMO. Her style was simply great. I guess Thomas has the ultimate photo about that ;-)

The last two presentations I basically spent preparing for a quick departure so I can’t really say anything about them.

Btw.: If you don’t know that by now: You can get videos of all presentations on hosted on Google here.

I also want to use this opportunity and give a big “Thank you” to Thomas A. Burg and all the other people helping organizing this conf. It was really nice :-) And sorry for rushing out the door right after Ton said, not to do that ;-) But I had to get my train, otherwise this workday would have even be more hellish then it already was.