No CSS/Standards Reboot for me this time

Well, I guess I was a little bit optimistic when I thought that I could make a new theme for in under a week ;-) This might have even been possible, but yesterday I got a book that I have to read until next Thursday. Would normally be not really a problem since the book has only about 160 pages, but this one is more on the business computer science side of things, something that I never really liked … so I guess it will be tough 4 days until I have to return the book.

So my apologies for this, but this doesn’t mean, that there won’t be any redesign at all, just that it has got a little bit delayed. Probably … meh, I better stop throwing around with dates ;-)

Anyway, the new design will also finally feature a print stylesheet again and (as said earlier) the comments should look nicer ;-)

Btw.: If you’ve read the title closely, you might have noticed, that I mentioned Standards Reboot. Well, most of you might know CSS Reboot, the initiative by Adam Howell and continued by Peter Kwiatkowski which is all about people making a re-designed site of theirs public on a specific date. Something that generated quite a lot of traffic the last time I participated.

Standards Reboot (by David Blanchet) aims in more or less the same direction but - at least for me - feels less focused on CSS but embraces also the markup and other techniques. Somehow this feels more suited to me since I normally also try to improve the markup of a page when I redesign it. zerokspot isn’t really a CSS Zen Garden in this area ;)

What I think is kind of strange is, that it’s somehow quite a pain to determine the names of the people being behind these two initiatives. For some reason I couldn’t really find them on the respective sites but for CSS Reboot I had to go to Wikipedia while for Standards Reboot I had to first whois and then which popped up as the registrar of the domain. So if one of the initiators listed above wasn’t really doing this, please let me know … and whoever did it: Are you shy? Get your name on your site ;-)