Ratchet & Clank 2 - Day 7

It might be strange to start a dairy at the 7th page, but I was somehow motivated ;) I think I’m already fairly far in the game so I will also use these posts to review some parts of it.

So far I’ve finished off the gang leader in his shiny mech and now I should be off to meet with that spy girl on Greblin, where I arrived yesterday. It’s actually quite nice there … quite a lot of bears though. Strong bears, cute bears, bears messing with dragons … ey *g* Anyway, it looks like kind of a repetition to the desert area where you could quite easily level up your weapons and in general. Seems to be the case here as well, but only a couple of weapons seem to be useful here. These would be the Minirocket Tube where you need 3 shots per bear and I think 5 for the dragon. And there is the Bouncer, which is in my opinion the most effective weapon against the bears. One shot that detonates directly on it, will most of the time hold if off enough to let the minibombs to their work :D

As a small interlude I finished the desert today. Only I think 5 crystals were still missing, so nothing huge. After I finally got, another annoying detail of R&C2 appeared: Could those notice boxes perhaps stay visible long enough to be useful? What point is there to make a notice box, when it only appears for 2 seconds so nobody can read it? ;)

But why all this detour to begin with? … I simply hate those glider levels. One or two, fine, but this is getting really annoying :-(

P.S.: I actually wanted to post this yesterday evening, but for some reason I couldn’t really got online. Seems like my ISP’s infrastructure is nearly dead :-(