Ratchet & Clank 2 - Day 8

Today I finally did the Glider level on Grelbin and also got the 16 moon crystals for the Zenmaster to get the first part of the Hypnomatic … Strange, there are still 2 parts left and I had no idea, where to go until I noticed, that I hadn’t really finished the missions on Planet Smolg ;-) So I went back there and inspected the docked ships to get the coordinates of Damosel.

Fighting the Protopets there actually seems like a good way to upgrade weapons, health and fill your purse with bolts :D

After finishing off that whole army of protopets I went to the railways to get one of the missing Hypnomatic parts. When I got it, an info box appeared telling me, that I now had all the missing parts and could go searching for someone to put them all together. Hmm…. 2 out of 3 equals all? Seems like the scripted events in this game are really a little bit strange ;-)

But finding this last piece seems to be more complicated than I first though. Right when I finished the first mission on Smolg, I thought it was strange, that the last platform before returning to the ship looked like some kind of entrance to another part of the sky city (probably the first mission in the listing that I couldn’t find for some reason), but I couldn’t find any doors there. Only the hovering platform bringing me back to my ship.

Now I read in the guide on IGN that this was really the portal to the first mission where I should also get the first part of the Hypnomatic. So I returned to this platform to get the last part I was missing … but somehow still couldn’t find the entrance to the last part of the city :-(

I guess that’s it for today. Perhaps I will find all this tomorrow :-)