Wii with DVD playback - Only in Japan?

Nintendo’s playing a dangerous game right now. They just confirmed a report by Edge saying that there will be another version of the Wii capable of playing back DVDs. It’s still not certain, to what regions of the world this edition will be limited since the DVD-Wii is currently only planed for the Japanese market.

In my opinion it wasn’t such a great idea to confirm this so close to the launch of the “normal” Wii console because it really might have an impact on the sales numbers until next year. If people start wondering “Hmm…. I could wait 6 months and get a Wii that can also playback DVDs” then Nintendo can only lose.

Again in my opinion the best thing Nintendo could do now would be to say once and for all, that this version of the Wii will never reach the rest of the world or that all it will require would be flashing the original consoles to get the DVD playback.