New theme again

Version 4.1 of the theme It’s somehow strange. Whenever I participate in an web Reboot contest, I tend to not like the resulting theme after just a few weeks. This time I simply couldn’t get used to the white-on-black color scheme so I started playing around with the stylesheet and the result is more like the old design again, but with all the influence of the new one :)

I just hope that I will like this design longer than then original :-? But judging from my luck for the last week I guess that would be close to a miracle.

Anyway. Another theme that I really consider for is the new default theme for Drupal 5.0 called “Garland” which is in my opinion simply the most beautiful default theme I’ve seen for any web application I’ve seen so far. If you haven’t see it yet, you can see a screenshot here or simply checkout the latest beta (or CVS version) of Drupal 5.0 :-)