Stupid mobile phone bags

SonyEricsson HandybagSometimes I really wonder, if companies shouldn’t simply use me as some kind of product scout for crap. For example: When I switched my mobile phone provider a week ago and got my new Sony Ericsson K608i for 3EUR, I decided to at least get a small bag for it.

This Monday I then went to another store and finally found a bag for this mobile phone for 16.90EUR. Not all that bad and the bag looked quite solid from the outside, so I bought it.

But right after opening the package for the first time I started to get a little bit nervous. As you can see on the photo the belt strap is actually fixed only with two buttons … So “fixed” is probably really the wrong word. A suspicion which came true right when I needed the bag for the first time. When I got off my bike the next morning, the mobile phone was sailing through the air and hitting the ground … now that’s what I bought a belt bag for.

I actually can’t really think of any situation when you would want to take of that strap. Do you? At least this is a good example for a bad design decision outside of IT ;-)