Well, now it finally happened. I’m fed up enough with the Nintendo Wii launch lineup to simply get something else. The Xbox360 to be more precise. Why? For me one single interesting game (Twilight Princess) with the next few to be released in … 5 months (Mario Galaxy) is simply not worth 250 EUR for me. This doesn’t mean that I won’t get it at all. It just means, that I will probably wait until March when there are at least 3 games out there that I want.

The Xbox360 has this right now for me. And all the games I’m interested in are even budget titles by now.

  • Kameo
  • Perfect Dark Zero
  • Gears of War (thanks to the bundle)

So the choice wasn’t all that hard. Sure, the core device is way more expensive but the cheap core price of the Wii doesn’t help me if there aren’t any really interesting games for me. Well, those minigame collections like Rayman Raving Rabbids game are nice but not really worth more than 30EUR in my opinion. Well, at least that game is listed on gameware.at for 41.99EUR, but anyway. Kameo and PDZ are already there for 29.90EUR ;-) And I can even plug the Xbox360 into my 19" TFT display, which is a big plus point for me.

The VGA cable rocks

Please don’t take this as Wii-bashing, because it isn’t meant that way. I’m just not really happy enough with the Wii launch lineup. Come on, Nintendo. One really good game, and that’s it for the next few months?

So this noon I went to one of the bigger local stores (Saturn) and got myself a Xbox360 Premium bundled with Gears of War and also a VGA cable with an extra chinch to clinke adapter (and yes, I noticed that the VGA cable is bundled with something like that already, lucky me :-?) but they didn’t have Kameo, so off I went with the whole package under the arms to the next store (GameStop), two stories down in the same mall. There they had both (Kameo and PDZ), but they looked a little bit … well, not all that great since both where 2nd-hand games. So off I went in search for another store that might have both titles.

So I visited a “Niedermayr” shop where they had both games, but for the full price … About 30 minutes later I was a few kilometers away from the Saturn store (thanks to a bus ;-)) at the local Media Markt. There they finally had everything including the “Play & Charge” package. And there I was with an old wish: Could those stores finally get better plastic bags that actually don’t kill you from carrying them around for longer distances?

But at least, I finally have this:

Some after-bd/pre-xmas fun :)

So I want to apologize for all these game posts in the next few days :-)