Well, back from inactivity … at least I hope so. Finally Xmas holidays so I really might find the time to do something else but work for university stuff (although there is enough to do on that front as well). I guess half of my free time will be spent on playing games like “Burnout Revenge” or “Viva Pinata” for the Xbox360. But I guess I will keep the rest to do some work with Ruby On Rails.

For the last couple of months I’ve been scouting a little bit around to find the web-framework that fits my needs the most. Well, I guess, something like this doesn’t really exist. I’ve done a little bit with Django and now I’ve finally some useful web-project to work on again and I will use this opportunity and write the same page in Django and Ruby On Rails (and perhaps also in Symfony).

Currently the Django implementation is currently the one with the most progress but RoR is now right behind it. Probably because it took me way too long to get anything done in Django. Nothing against a clean MVC implementation, but if it starts to get in the way, RoR’s approach looks more practical to me. Same for the whole URL handling. But these are just my first impressions.

For now it looks like RoR might win the race for this particular site esp. since it is a fairly small project (Pages, News, Guestbook, but all this multilingual which I want to model accordingly). Django still seems (at least to me) more suited for larger projects where you want to divide the whole project into separated sub-apps.

So I guess for the next project I plan (the nth re-incarnation of gamerslog.com ;-) ) I will face the same problem: Django, RoR or Symfony … or going with Drupal.

I really start to hate having options ;-)

Bah, and now that Drupal 5.0 has reached RC1, I guess I should really invest some time into finalizing zerokspot.com with Drupal 5.0 code :-?