revived ... perhaps for real this time?

First of all I want to apologize for all the gaming-related posts recently. This will end right here and right now. Meaning, I’ve now reactivated and will once again try to post there at least sometimes. I also have once again some additional ideas for that site so it might end up as my playground for new stuff, which isn’t a bad thing per-se, since it will bring back some activity at least by me over there.

For the near future I have at least following thing in mind:

  • Moving everything back to Drupal (this time Drupal 5.0) since it offers way more flexibility than Wordpress.
  • Porting Will Rossiter’s great missunderstood theme (which I’m already using on over to Drupal 5.0
  • Integrate some “Now playing” field into each post

Well, this should be it for now. Originally, I had planed to rewrite Gamerslog from scratch as some kind of multilingual European community, but I guess this would bring too much (also possible legal trouble) to be worth it :-( Perhaps in the future.