PDFView: A new PDF viewer for Mac users

It’s not like there is a shortage on PDF support on MacOSX. First of all, you get a quite good PDF viewer with Preview.app bundled with MacOSX and there is also the Acrobat Reader series by Adobe … although Acrobat Reader 8 is the slowest app I’ve ever seen.

PDFView is now a new app on the block looks very similar to Preview.app but offers some new things in the user-experience area:

  • It resized the presentation to fit esp. smaller displays, which works quite well for me :)
  • LaTeX integration using PDFSync

And there are also some nice futures on the “Planned features” list like:

Annotation support, with text notes, highlighting and some simple drawing tools PDFView/Development.html

Can’t wait to get a free PDF viewer that finally offers that :D

[via After thought]