Performancing Metrics out of the business, what next?

I have to admit, that Nick Wilson’s post last night hit me quite hard and unprepared. I used Metrics basically exclusively for zerokspot since it was first released (last April IIRC). It won the race for me thanks to it’s simplicity yet feature-richness.

Now it will be shut down on Wednesday and from what I’ve seen in the comments to the above post, there will be no way to export the already collected statistics. Too bad.

And since Metrics is basically the only service by Performancing I use, I guess all I can say is “Good luck, guy. You had some great ideas and I really hope the future works out for you :-) “.

So now I’m looking once again at some of the alternatives out there, but Nick’s post has helped there quite a bit. I’m already using FeedBurner for all my weblogs so I now simply also give their site statistics a try. Looking good so far, and combined with Google Analytics it will be more than enough for me :)

I also once again thought about Mint but 30 USD is simply waaaay too much money for me to spend for something like this. I probably won’t even get Path Finder which I’m quite interested in but … Off topic again :-)