Vox adding groups

The first thing I thought when reading this announcement I thought: “Cool, group blogging :D”. But then I saw the screenshot attached to this post and what I saw looked very much like a group on flickr and not really like a group blog. I guess something like this also wouldn’t really fit to Vox.

Also the feature set looks exactly like what you should now finally be able to expect from grouping … whatever :)

  • You will be able to make your own group(s)
  • Groups can be public or private
  • Groups can be invite-only, or open for anyone to join
  • You’ll be able to share posts, photos, videos, books and music with your groups
  • To share with a group, you’ll upload to your blog as normal, and then choose which group(s) it goes to, just like you choose your privacy level

So I guess … this feature will allow you to create planets in Vox ;-) Let’s see what the beta will bring new week.