Drupal 5.0 released

w00t! And now to the bad part of the whole matter: Bad timing ;-) I would love to update zerokspot.com ASAP but thanks to a quite tight schedule for the rest of January, it might take a little bit longer than I’d like it to.

There are still some things I will try to get done on a local installation for now:

  • Moving most of my custom modules (for book reviews etc.) over to CCK to make adding new content types easier.
  • Checking if the Akismet module for Drupal 5 also supports Trackback. If so, I will probably activate the Trackback module again.
  • Since there is no Captcha module yet for Drupal 5, I will probably get rid of it altogether.
  • So far there is also no port of the Comment Mail module, so I will have to live without it for now.

There is currently no timetable to get this all working on zerokspot.com, but I hope to have it all done within the next 3-4 days.

Btw.: gamerslog.com is already using the final release :D