Finally some news about Cookbook

After quite some time Austin Sarner and Michael Yuan finally posted some updates on the development progress of Cookbook again. For those of you who’ve missed the MyDreamApp contest last year: Cookbook is … well, a digital version of a cookbook with a slick MacOSX GUI and some nifty extra features Whatever the Wii is doing in Mockup 3 :-?

Since my parents currently use Word to store some of their favorite recipes which is probably as far from optimal as it can get as a solution for storing recipes I’m really looking forward to this app. Sure, there are a few alternatives out there, but somehow Cookbook looks (thanks to all the work put into the GUI) to most polished even if there are only mockups of it out there. But in the end, the final app has to live up to that hype. Let’s see :-)

[via TUAW]