Ma.gnolia with return ticket, please

Well, yesterday I (once again?) walked again from and imported all my bookmarks into Ma.gnolia after all the trouble I had with the the API. The exact reasons should be quite obvious from my last post so I won’t really elaborate on them here anymore. Just one thing: If you have rules for your service, really only temp. ban people from it when they obviously act against these rules.

There might have been a hidden abuse-trigger for preventing mass-deletions, but even adding update-queries in between the delete queries didn’t help. 100 queries per hour was the maximum. (Btw.: Don’t call it “throttling” if it’s actually “banning”. Throttling is for me like giving me less speed.)

Anyway, on to the world of Ma.gnolia (once again?). I haven’t tried their API yet, but at least I’ve found no exact rules that I could act against ;-). Ma.gnolia has changed quite a lot since I moved back to last May:

  • Posting to groups can now be done right when you add a bookmark.
  • There is now a discussion feature for each group.
  • The servers got faster :)
  • The auto-completion for tags in the bookmarklet feels much better to me now.

There are still some limitations though which I would like to formulate as feature requests and also explain why I would like to see them (but wouldn’t be all that pissed if … it takes longer ;-) ):

  1. Group support for the API: The API for selecting posts offers a neat way to create a “daily posts” feature from the client side similar to what does on the server side.
    • But what happens if you have actually a group you want to get those bookmarks from? In this sense it would be really nice to have an additional parameter for the bookmarks_get function that lets you specify the name or id of a group you’re member of.
    • As kind of a pre-requirement for this probably a function similar to the tag_find function would be needed, that gives you all the groups (or group ids) you’re a member of.
    • Perhaps also some functions to manipulate your group’d bookmarks.
  2. How many people have bookmarked a link” directly in the bookmark listing (IMO the implementation for this is quite good).
  3. Is there perhaps a way to kill the animation in the Roots bookmarklet? It’s nearly killing my browser :-)

Esp. (1) would be really nice since I would like to integrate some daily links by the editors on and using the group for this would be the ideal solution for me :-)

Once again: Thank you for this great service :-)