Sandbox: Daily Ma.golia repository and Trac

For those of you interested in this kind of stuff. I’ve set up a small Mercurial repository and a Trac site for my little Ma.gnolia module for Drupal 5.x. Please remember that the code so far is very alpha and therefor there is no real guarantee that it won’t change at any time in the future esp. since there are still tons of things missing from it ;-) So for only the whole theming stuff looks done to me.

As already said, this module is more or less targeted at a very specific type of Drupal site: A single user blog-style site. This means you have to be administrator to be able to modify the settings and so on.

Basically this code is (as already described before) more or less a suggestion so use it at your own risk (esp. since I haven’t found the time yet to really look again and again through the code to find potentially security related issues (since it is admin-only IMO this should only be a minor issue) or simply tracing bugs). If you have feature requests or find bugs, please put them into the issue tracker. But for now I would discurage people to use this code on any important site :-)

So without further due, here is the link to the project site where you can also find all the details on how to install it and get the code:

Why you don’t see any Daily Ma.gnolia posts here right now? Well, I actually wanted to install the module here yesterday evening, but in the last testing session I found a small problem, hopefully fixed it … and was then way to tired to give it a try. So hopefully I will find the time tonight :-)