Twitterific 2.0 beta ... at least for other people

For the last two days of so now I’ve been trying out the new public beta of Twitterific, the Twitter client for MacOSX :-) And for now I’m not really sure how to judge it…

For once it finally seems no longer to hang when you want to submit a new post and is down. You can still hide the window again. But on the other hand I seem to have far more connection problems with this new beta version than I had with the old one. And no… I haven’t ignored a LittleSnitch popup ;-) And accessing the API’s URLs works with my webbrowser works, so I don’t know what is going on here.

But the most strange part of this is, that the fetching works flawlessly when starting the app (after cleaning the cache), but fails most of the time afterwards. So, currently Twitterific is more or less useless to me.

Too bad, since I’d really like to use all these neat features mentioned elsewhere on the web. Hopefully the future will bring some solution for this :)