I <3 Lightroom

For the last couple of days I’ve been playing around with Adobe’s Lightroom. Probably because of my lack of talent nearly all my photos have only a quite low contrast and dull-looking colors and for thing like that LR seems to be great. With just a few clicks you can improve a photo from being “meh” to “not that bad” :-) Just an example:

DSC_1281 DSC_1281

The shots above are respectively before and after getting LRified. Sure, doing all this should also be possible with GIMP, but LR makes it just too easy to not like it :-)

For some thing I will still use the open source image manipulator, though: Cleaning up. If you take a close look at any of the photos above, you will notice my foot in the lower right corner. I tried to remove it using LR, but at least for me the whole process was way too complicated.

Well, there are 28 days left in my trial period for Lightroom, but it’s looking very good for it so far. And 99EUR (excl. VAT) for the student version of it, is IMO a reasonable price.

P.S.: Why not Aperture? Because Lightroom also works very well on my old Powerbook 12" ;-)