Zooomr ... huh?

Thanks to Flickr’s handling of the whole censorship issue (or lack thereof), many people are now asking for alternatives and quite often Zooomr get mentioned. Could anyone please explain to me, what’s so great about it, because I don’t get it. Yesterday I created a new account there just to see what this is all about.

To sum up what I noticed so far and what problems I’ve faced:

  • I created an account not using OpenID and now I seem not to be able to edit my profile. So where can I now change my password, my e-mail address and so on?
  • It’s great that you have “Learn more” and contact links … if they’d work and not just throw a 404 message.
  • So now I logged out … forgot my password and can therefor dump my whole account? Or have I just missed the password-recovery link?

I hope I’ve just missed something here, because otherwise this would simply look like a big joke.