Community Q&A on

Just saw an announcement on the Django mailinglist about the launch of, basically another take on the whole “ask the masses” concept. But unlink for example AskMeFi, Fluther even looks great :)

The idea is, that you ask a question, other people answer it and if you like the answer, you vote for it. So those people who get voted upon get a higher score … and let’s be honest: we all like a high score, don’t we? ;-)

With this score you can do … well, this is a question I couldn’t yet find an answer for yet. It looks like it’s exclusively reputation oriented so if you have a high score, people will trust you and … [insert evil plan to take over the world here].

I’m not yet sold though on using something like this for a general context. That’s probably because my first experience with such a service was … back then when Rails Weenie wasn’t a forum - just noticed that move :-( - and I absolutely loved it for providing a still young community a good place to share experience without drifting into discussions. Question and answer. Nothing more.

I can absolutely see why they want to keep it general, though and I really hope, that the “percentage of downright stupid questions” doesn’t go beyond my threshold :)