zerokspot v5 progress report

Work on the next iteration of this site is progressing quite well :) Thanks to the holidays I can finally invest a little bit more time into the site. In fact I already think about really pushing it out of the door this week.

But first I want to get a few things done:

  1. Add a lifestream comparable to what Manuela Hoffmann and Jeff Croft have on their sites. The implementation of this is nearly complete and uses Yahoo! Pipes in combination with cPickle and Mark Pilgrim’s feedparser.
  2. Pinging support: I think I already wrote that so I just have to activate it (Wouldn’t have made much sense to ping technorati with localhost URLs, would it? ;-)).
  3. Recheck all feeds: I always forget what the ordering of feed-items should be, so I better check all the feeds again before going live.

I think then everything should be more or less ready … at least I hope so, because I barely can wait to finally post from this new engine.