Welcome to zerokspot v5

Welcome to zerokspot v5, the next iteration of my personal homepage and after more than 3 years finally and once again a mostly custom engine. The site originally was mostly a hack combining phpBB2 with some custom code, then it was a WordPress blog, then a Drupal site and so on. So please say “Hello” to my first slightly bigger site written entirely in Python using Django.

The development of zs5 started in March 2007 with the first checkin to my Mercurial repository for this site. But before that came months of playing around with Django and trying to figure out how it works.

Back then I had quite high goals for this site but after some months I realized, I should better start with some small things: A blog engine, perhaps a lifestream, some flickr and ma.gnolia integration. While the latter 2 more or less are now postponed to some future version, focusing on only a small subset of what I originally wanted definitely made the release in this century possible ;-)

I also want to use this opportunity to thanks people that heavily inspired me: James Bennett, Jeff Croft, Manuela Hoffmann and Simon Willison.

I also want to thank the folks in #django who didn’t kick me even for the most stupid question and Stefan Koopmanschap for still having me in his contact list ;-)

Last but not least I want to thank you for coming here and reading this. I hope you like the new design, the new structure and this new site in general.